Chief Felix Chidi Idiga is the founder, MD/CEO of Jafac Group of Companies. In 1989, he established and incorporated JAFAC Data Systems and JAFAC Car Accessories, being his first two companies. He has continued to use his business expertise to grow Jafac Groups, making it one of the leading conglomerates in Nigeria today.


JAFAC Construction Company 

In 2008, JAFAC Construction Company Ltd, was opened with cooperate office at Km. 18 Airport Road, Igwuruta, Port Harcourt. Today, the company has built very solid and durable roads, bridges in Niger Delta States. 

Jafac Construction is one of he leading suppliers of Asphalt in the River State, Nigeria with one of the largest Asphalt plant in the country.


• Ihie link road, Ohaji Egbema. 

• Obiakpu - Ihie link road, Phase 1.

• Agbor-Ikor, Unueze road, Phase 1.

• Ohaji Egbema LGA. 

• Fish gears /boats, Ohaji Egbema. 

• Rufus Obiakor Road, Amaifeke. 

• Amailia Unuokwelle road. 

• Old Orlu /Owerri road, Orlu LGA. 

• Okwu-Emekuku road, Mike Dad road, Orlu LGA. 

• Ndokwere road, Amaifeke, Orlu LGA. 

• Nwaeku road, Okermeje, Orlu LGA. 

• Umuduru Internal roads , Okposo, Orlu LGA. 

• Ibenye internal roads , Orlu LGA. 

• Oleme internal roads, Orlu LGA. 

•Anuhinu Amaifeke - Ihioma Link Road, Orlu LGA. 

• Unuezeala Ogwara Road, Ehine Mbano, Imo state. 

• Okporo High Court Road, Okporo, Orlu LGA


JAFAC Oil and Gas


Jafac Group of companies is also a major player in the Oil and Gas sector, with their company Swat Links Limited.

SWAT Links Limited is a supportive instrument to both indigenous and multinational Oil companies, offering the following services: Dredging, Marine Logistics, Offshore Services, Vessel and tanker vessels, Tug boats barges, Security boats, Shore Protection, Asphalt production and sales, Equipment leasing, Procurement, etc. 

Aviation Sector


In 2013, Jafac Group ventured into aviation - Aircraft leasing and general aviation. The operational base of Global Private Jet Charter Limited is in the East and West African Region. With a fleet consisting of jets from Bombardier, Gulfstream, Hawker and etc. and more coming, Global Private Jet is one of the leading chartering companies in Nigeria today.




In Nigeria, Felix Idiga and Jafac Group has also helped to develop a policy of achieving sustainable agricultural and food security. In 2006, he collaborated with Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to cultivate and produce rice massively in Ini Local Government Area (LGA) of Akwa Ibom State. In the process, he also helped to develop a policy that encouraged human capacity development. The success stories of this rice farming in Akwa Ibom led to the extension of the project to five other Niger Delta states, empowering over seven hundred (700) men and women and laying a solid foundation for sustainable development in agriculture/rice farming in the region. 


Felix Idiga has helped to articulate Federal Government/NDDC Rice Revolution Project, building a mega Rice Mill in 2010, the biggest Rice Mill in West Africa. 





In 1999, JAFAC FOUNDATION, was founded. A nexus through which Felix Idiga and his wife, Lady Chinyere Ada Idiga extends caring arm of hope and empowerment to the needy and less privileged. Offering scholarships to indigent students, from primary to university level, providing free medical care, equipping the youths with skills and capitals, empowering market men and women. 




Motto: Privileged to save souls. 


Mission: To enhance the quality of lives of Nigerians by supporting initiatives that will improve access to health and educational opportunities. 


Main Goals: 


• To enhance community health care by providing free medical/health services. 


• To improve on the quality of education of children and young people. 


• To alleviate the extreme poverty in communities across the country (starting from Orlu Zone) by providing portable water and encouraging their education. 


• Empowerment of men and women by promoting sports, music, arts, skills acquisition and entrepreneurial development programmes.



Felix Chidi Idiga believes that life which doesn't touch others is not worth living, hence he cofounded Jafac Foundation with his wife, primarily to touch lives positively. 


The following are some of his acts of charity and philanthropic gestures:


• Empowerment of 2,765 market men and women across the 12 LGAs of Orlu Zone. 


• Jafac Foundation organised a skills acquisition/learning programme on bead making, wire works, cinematography, cosmetology, soap making, cream making, powder and perfume making, snailry, computer operations, flower vase manufacturing, film making and hair dressing. This time around, over 500 persons benefitted. 


• Jafac Foundation provided free eye and optical care for over 200 people. 


• Jafac Foundation awarded scholarships to over 135 persons in primary, secondary and tertiary levels across Orlu Zone. 


• Jafac Foundation paid hospital bills for indigent people (in and out patients) across hospitals in Orlu Zone. Over 200 persons were beneficiaries. 


• Jafac Foundation sponsored ‘Women Cultural Dance’ in 12 LGAs that made up Orlu Zone. Participants won fabulous prizes. 


• Jafac Foundation sponsored football talent hunt/soccer competition across Orlu Zone and exceptional talents were discovered/harvested. 


• Jafac Foundation provided basic remedies to the needs of people such as foods, monies, and financial respite to hospital patients in Orlu Zone. 


• Jafac Foundation has assisted many less privileged homes in Orlu Zone. 


• Over 1000 persons have benefitted from Jafac Foundation's continuous reach outs/ intervention programmes to indigent people (money, foodstuffs, rent payments, etc). 


• Jafac Foundation has empowered many individuals with motorcycles and buses. 


• Provided free computers and reviewed wheelchair ramps for the disabled in Orlu Zone. 


• Provided brand new bus to the Catholic Women's Organization (CWO), Orlu Zone. 


• Provided solar lights, householders, transformers, and drainages. 


• Provision of free buses to hospitals such as IMSUTH. 


• Rebuilt and Renovated Churches.